Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We're Interpreting Style

I decided to start doing monthly installments of the post "interpreting style," for those of you who haven't read that post, click hereEvery 4 weeks or so I'm going to put together a post based on the original due to popular demand (and by popular demand I mean I heard someone say the word "style" last week.) The reason I decided to do this is because I feel like this type of post best represents what this blog is all about; design, style and observations.
So let's begin the challenge of finding the homes of these stylish people;

Here's a woman who looks cool and laid back. I love her round sunglasses and the color palette. She looks like a modern yoko ono only instead of being a bad influence on the Beatles she has no influence on the Beatles. This is where she lives:

This living space feels stripped and exposed in a good way with the concrete floor, the fireplace and the exposed brick wall. This room has the same message as the modern yoko, "I exude style minimally."

The first thing we see about this woman is that it doesn't seem like she's wearing a bra. The second thing we know is that she likes to wear multiple earrings in each ear. The third thing we know is she's pure chic. She's wearing just a t shirt, sunglasses with her hair pulled and looks like she could be attending a fashion show for Celine. When she does head back home, this is probably where she will end up:

This feels fresh, simple, uplifting, natural and crisp. I love this space. This is a good example of editing at its best; knowing when to stop. The bra-less woman and this interior have restraint but not severity in common.


This woman is about textures, shapes and being naturally amazing. Let's guess which room she belongs to:

Close, but no. This dining room is sophisticated and has edge with all the brass but it doesn't belong to her, it belongs to her:

Ah yes, the glamorous, goth-like, boho, lady like, sleek woman. She's bold and delicate, like the dining room with high gloss black walls and a crystal chandelier.

So the woman in the killer leather jacket lives here:
This bedroom is perfection, it's designed by Nam Dang Mitchell. It has a masculine feel with sturdy grounding furniture pieces. I love the form of the two arm sconce (Serge Mouille). This is a really good combination.

Who do we think is waiting behind this door?

 Not her,

This woman is waiting for a sandwich....

 No no not her, she's behind these doors:

These are amazing brass and steel doors; Doesn't get much better than this.

So who is waiting behind that burnt orange door?

She's relaxed and a little boho. I love that necklace and the earth tones of this outfit. Although I do feel like it may be a challenge for her to see anything.

Where has this woman escaped from? Maybe she's running away from Tim Allen in 'Jungle 2 Jungle.'

I think that's a safe assumption.

This is where she'll find refuge from Tim Allen. It's peaceful, full of nature and light. 

Hmm... she seems interesting. I wonder where she lives...

She lives in a fantasy ti pee in the corner of her brownstone apartment in Brooklyn; very native.

Oops, I forgot I don't want to know where she spends her time, moving on.

Wow.. this woman looks incredible and she also looks very angry, she probably hasn't sniffed a carbohydrate in ten years.

This kitchen is by Jean Louis Deniot, one of my favorite french designers. This is a prefect kitchen for someone who's goal is to not eat. 

I love this jacket with the leather arms, shows the importance of detail. She pulls off that gray wool hat really well. I like this Annie Hall feel that's going on here.....

This space by Sally Wheat is so perfect. It's an effortless mix of styles and feels classic. The floor lamp, the graffiti painting, the wood panels on the wall all equal classic edge. 
The perfect way to end a perfect post........ ok, a nearly perfect post....... a great post? How about, a perfect way to end a mediocre post? Sounds accurate. 

Feel free to leave suggestions of rooms or people you would like me to pair up (again I'm just trying to encourage you to leave comments :)


Nam Dang-Mitchell said...

Love your blog! Thanks for the bedroom shout out. I am actually the woman who lives in that bedroom and the funny thing is I did try on that very jacket! It's Maison Martin Margiela for H&M- so cool but it looked horrific on me.:(


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your comment Nam Dang-Mitchell. I love your work and it's my pleasure to give you a shout out,you deserve it!

Big Fan said...


Love your blog. As usual you make me literally laugh out loud.

"She's relaxed and a little boho. I love that necklace and the earth tones of this outfit. Although I do feel like it may be a challenge for her to see anything."

Loved that line. Where do you come up with these things.

Chaya said...

YOu are amazing Chana!
I second that "as usual you literaly make me lol!"
Not that i am surprised by your great style and good humor:) Love you

Anonymous said...

Love the games you played this blog -who belongs to which room.
You keep me so entertained!!!

Love your SIL Sara

Chanalesings said...

Sooo not into fashion but LOVE the humoristic? twist on it. Keep it coming!

swheat said...

Oh my gosh I LOVED this post, so creative and unique! So glad I found your blog! That's actually my house in the photo and I WISH I looked like that girl. :)) said...

I have zero interest in fashion or models or anything you write about actually, but i LOVE the humor. This blog rocks.

Chana said...

Nu? I think you said you'd post once a month... Waiting for the next installment!